Most Common Problems of Android Smart-phones & Their Solutions

In the years 2007 and 2008, whilst Google and Andy Rubin with their team of researchers and engineers were busy breathing life into a concept within the shape of an Android telephone, little did man recognize what a virtual revolution it’d bring about. ‘Sooner’ changed into the primary imaginative and prescient of what an Android cellphone could be like and turned into constructed at the side of HTC in 2006 and in the yr 2007 T-Mobile collaborated with them as a checking out partner.

It’s little more than a decade now and man is juggling with more than one Android telephones at a time and experiencing is blessings. Android telephones have influenced the way human beings behave and think. What may be extra overpowering?

As all of us understand, there is a turn facet to the whole lot. Android telephones too are not bereft of it. Let us see what are the commonplace problems confronted through Android cellphone customers and how they can be resolved.

Low Battery
Low battery is continually a worrying hassle with Android smartphones. Charging it numerous times an afternoon isn’t always honest at the part of an avid cellphone user as it takes a whole lot of time to be recharged to one hundred percent. To elongate the battery lifestyles of your smartphone, clean all of the apps running inside the heritage, turn off the cellular records or Wi-Fi while now not in use, decrease the brightness to a degree of your consolation and turn on the battery saving mode. These little hacks can save you plenty of battery for emergencies and in any other case.

Running Slow
It is a plain truth that the customers are at fault here. The smartphone going for walks gradual is a reflection of our phone conduct. Reasons for this are too many apps for too little inner storage, too many images and films, lifestyles of app cache and app data, and programs that run constantly in the background. Just like someone can walk or run quicker with a much less stuffed belly than with a filled one, a phone too will paintings quicker when its freed from heavy files, apps, and junk. Delete unused apps or try the usage of their lighter variations. App cache is a major purpose that slows down your cellphone appreciably. Go to settings>Apps>clean cache. Know greater approximately the way to clean app cache and clean app records on Android for a quicker running cellphone.

Losing Wi-Fi Connectivity
The Android Wi-Fi sleep policy turns the Wi-Fi connectivity off whilst the smartphone reaches the idle or sleep mode. This isn’t always too horrific a trouble because it saves your battery and statistics intake but for individuals who want timely updates and notifications can repair the hassle without difficulty. Go to superior Wi-Fi settings, and choose ‘Never’ for ‘Keep Wi-Fi on throughout sleep.

Less Internal Storage
The contents of our telephone’s gallery exceed the quandary of the inner reminiscence quite quickly. You do not need to feel sad about deleting the old media contents from your smartphone. Just save them on cloud servers like Dropbox, Google Photos and Google Drive earlier than you wipe out the whole lot. This will help you empty space for brand new documents and also inside the relaxed garage of the old ones.

Crashing Apps
Some of your apps would possibly prevent working abruptly. This is because of an overload of corrupt cache or app statistics. Delete the cache inside the approach mentioned above to have easy running apps. If deleting the app cache isn’t always fixing the hassle, then take a lower back up of the app related contents and then delete the app facts and reboot your cellphone. Download and set up the app again from Google Play.

Warms Up
Some Android telephones get heated up due to manufacturing or other defects or maybe for the presence of heavy apps like game apps and Facebook. Try now not the use of your telephone even as it’s on price and keep away from heavy apps or use their lighter variations. Give it a smash while it warms up an excessive amount of.

Intervening the AutoCorrect Feature
Does your Android intervene with automobile accurate phrase pointers even as you type a message? If you locate it worrying, turn it off through going to Settings>Language & input>Android Keyboard>Auto correction and faucet on ‘Off’

These commonplace Android troubles can intrude in the way of a seamless cell regime. Resolve them with the aid of following the above steps and you may be a happy Android user.

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